Your Selection(s): IC, ASSP, ASIC and FPGA Design Services

IC, ASSP, ASIC and FPGA Design Services

ASSP, ASIC, IC and FPGA Design Services

Expert ASSP, IC, ASIC and FPGA Design Services for Electronic Product Development

Hardent’s ASSP, IC, ASIC and FPGA design services and development provide customers with the expertise and support needed to solve their digital and mixed-signal design challenges and quickly bring state-of-the-art electronic products to market.

Hardent offers a broad range of ASSP, ASIC, FPGA and IC design services.

Some examples include:

  • Helping a customer select the device needed for their project
  • Reducing implementation time using cutting-edge technologies such as the Xilinx Zynq®-7000 All Programmable SoC and the Vivado® Design Suite
  • Streamlining a complex design using an ASIC, or migrating an FPGA from one system to another

Working with our team allows you to successfully solve the many challenges that arise during FPGA and ASIC design and implementation. The result is reduced production costs, increased time-to-market, and quality electronic products.

Our ASIC, ASSP, IC, and FPGA Design Services

FPGA/ASIC/IC/ASSP development with Hardent is performed by expert electronic design engineers with an established track record of complex FPGA and ASIC design. Our design specialists have backgrounds from some of the industry’s most respected companies and have helped forge our leading electronic design practices.

As an exclusive Xilinx Authorized Training Provider and a certified member of the Xilinx Alliance Program, Hardent benefits from the up-to-date technological information and enjoys privileged access to Xilinx resources and tools for FPGA and ASIC design.

As FPGA and ASIC design technology evolves at a rapid pace, we continue to lead with the most advanced and reliable designs across diverse electronic product development industries, including the telecommunications, consumer electronics, and video industries.

What can our electronic design specialists help you with?

At Hardent, we can take your design from concept to specification writing and then on to high-level FPGA/ASIC, IC, ASSP design, development and integration, as well as verification and documentation.

Our electronic design engineers meet the most stringent requirements for FPGA development using systematic ASIC design methodologies for both project and team management. In most cases, a senior engineer will architect the design, write the specifications for the FPGA implementation and manage the overall project. In parallel, an FPGA/ASIC verification specialist will design a test bench to verify the system to be implemented.

Once the architecture of the system and verification environment are documented, both RTL and testbench development are then performed using additional resources. In general, this means that a minimum of three or more designers collaborate on every FPGA development or ASIC design project that we deliver.

The structured design approach used at Hardent ensures that there is a high probability of eliminating design errors, thus ensuring a high level of quality and efficiency resulting ultimately in a faster time-to-market for your product.

Communication between Hardent team members and our customer is transparent at all times throughout the design process. We aim to work collaboratively with our customers and operate as a natural extension to your in-house design engineering department.

Our IC, ASSP, ASIC and FPGA design services are complemented by our team’s complete range of electronic design expertise including functional verification, digital signal processing, embedded software development, functional verification, power/signal integrity analysis, system and hardware architecture and hardware/software codesign related services.

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