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“I’ve worked  with Hardent for many years and have recommended them a few times in the past. Hardent has always been extremely successful with their clients.  They have many flexible ways of working with a client and will negotiate a mutually beneficial solution. In our case, they just log into our servers and we are in constant contact via IM, email, phone, etc., but  they have all their own design tools as well, so they can work either way. Being in the same time zone makes working with them easy. I am sure you will be happy with the outcome of their work.  They’ll hit the ground running much faster than a single contractor would.”

Marshall Johnson,
Sr. Director Global
ASIC/FPGA/IP Development,
ADVA Optical Networking

“Time to market was one of our first considerations in choosing Hardent to design a PCI communication bridge. They grasped the project requirements in a matter of days. Their impressive expertise and responsiveness made the development process very smooth, as if they were working right down the hall.”

Nicolas Gonthier,
Hardware Design Manager,
Verint Systems Canada Inc.

Electronic Design Services: Hardent Quality Electronic Product Development

Quality electronic design services can be difficult to find. The scarcity of high-level design and verification resources affects the development of many electronic designs. Hardent serves as a natural extension of your engineering team to achieve faster time-to-market and high electronic innovation. As an experienced electronic design company, Hardent offers electronic design services such as:

Hardent’s Dedicated Electronic Design Services

Hardent’s team is consistently available for you and offers transparent communication, high project visibility and end-to-end support. Hardent’s problem-solving skills and cutting-edge expertise result in effective and efficient electronic product development.

Why Outsource Electronic Product Development to an Electronic Design Company like Hardent?

Electronic design services demand a high level of expertise and specialization. Many companies require the services of an experienced electronic design company or consultant to expedite the development process. In fast-paced industries, time-to-market is crucial; Hardent takes on mandates in electronic product development and brings the skills and specializations to send quality items to market quickly and efficiently. The company also serves as an unbiased third party for system verification at any phase of project development, and demonstrates a clear ROI for early stage system verification of electronic projects.

Hardent employs a large team of experienced electronic design engineers. Hardent is also adept with managing project resources from A to Z. By taking on mandates in-house instead of placing personnel in a company, Hardent is able to better use innovative solutions, delegate resources and accomplish projects more quickly. Read more about how Hardent seamlessly integrates with your company operations.

Industries for Hardent’s Electronic Product Development

Hardent serves a variety of different industries. The company has acted as an electronic consultant in the following arenas:

  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial/Energy
  • Wireless
  • Video
  • Automotive
  • Avionics
  • Medical
  • Consumer

Read more about our industries served on the Industries page.

Hardent, Your Time-to Market Electronic Design Company

Hardent is proud of its reputation as a quality electronic design company. Read client testimonials or learn why Hardent is your preferred partner for electronic design services.