Electronic System Design and FPGA Hardware Design and Development
Electronic System Design and Electronics Hardware Design

“Time to market was one of our first considerations in choosing Hardent to design a PCI communication bridge. They grasped the project requirements in a matter of days. Their impressive expertise and responsiveness made the development process very smooth, as if they were working right down the hall.”

Nicolas Gonthier,
Hardware Design Manager,
Verint Systems Canada Inc.



“Having worked in past with independent electronics design consultants, we appreciate Hardent’s quality, team work and timely service. The company has excellent project management skills, open communication, constant follow-up and a flexible approach. We have been working with Hardent for about two years now. Though initially I was not excited about outsourcing R&D, I feel that I can 100% count on Hardent, as they know their business well and they directed us toward good technical decisions. ”

Michel Bitar,
R&D/ I.T Manager,
Prodco International Inc.

Electronic System Design and Electronics Hardware Design and Development
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Hardent Electronic System Design: Electronics Hardware Design and Development

Hardent provides a wide range of hardware and electronic system design services. Some of the company’s hardware design and development services include FPGA hardware design, ASIC prototyping, and hardware for PCB board design.

The key to developing a successful electronic system design for a product is often about making the right choices for system architecture. The task of deciding what should be implemented using off-the-shelf parts or ASSPs, custom ASIC or FPGA design, DSP design, algorithms, or software algorithms can be complex due to the expertise required to evaluate every possible solution. Even factors such as the enclosure and power supply can have an impact on the finished product. As a result, many clients come to Hardent for early definition of their electronic system design architecture.
Hardent’s electronic hardware design and development is undertaken by expert system-level designers with a proven record of success. Drawing on a wide range of expertise in FPGA hardware design and ASIC prototyping,DSP and embedded software design, as well as an in-depth knowledge of electronic hardware design in a wide range of electronic design services industries, Hardent can propose the correct system architecture for your product. The company continuously reviews new technology to provide customers with the most effective, cutting-edge electronic system design.

Hardent Expertise in Electronic System Design and Development  

Specialized electronic system design from Hardent experts speeds up the product development process and allows Hardent’s clients to bring items to market quickly. Hardent offers electronic system design expertise in the following areas:

  1. Analog and digital circuit design
  2. Supplies (linear and switching)
  3. RF/wireless design
  4. Microprocessor/DSP/memory integration
  5. Networking
  6. Optical communication
  7. High-speed interfaces

Hardent often works with clients to bring the various components of a system together. This may include hardware/software integration, FPGA, hardware design integration and ASIC prototyping, as well as issue tracking and resolution. For all electronic hardware design projects, Hardent implements a complete verification environment to ensure the design meets the requirements outlined in the project definition.

Contact Hardent electronic design services to see how we can assist you with quality system design, or see how Hardent operates in its electronic design company case studies.


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