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“The content of the training was an excellent walkthrough of the specific features we were interested in and the material was delivered very well by Hardent.  Our group left the training feeling impressed by the tool and excited for the next opportunity to apply what they had learned to a big, complicated design in the smallest FPGA possible.”

Michael Jaspar,
Supervisor, FPGA Development,
Vecima Networks, Inc.

“Having worked in past with independent electronics design consultants, we appreciate Hardent’s quality, team work and timely service. The company has excellent project management skills, open communication, constant follow-up and a flexible approach. We have been working with Hardent for about two years now. Though initially I was not excited about outsourcing R&D, I feel that I can 100% count on Hardent, as they know their business well and they directed us toward good technical decisions. ”

Michel Bitar,
R&D/ I.T Manager,
Prodco International Inc.

FPGA Course Training, DSP Courses and Xilinx Training -Hardent
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Interactive Face-to-Face Xilinx Training

Benefiting from instructor-led Xilinx courses delivered by Hardent’s FPGA experts.

Organizations that regularly send their employees to training sessions manage to reach a higher level of employee satisfaction, improve employee performance and increase employee retention. Considering the high value of your engineer’s time, it’s important to select the best training resources available on the market.

With Hardent’s interactive face-to-face training sessions, engineers can benefit from:

  • Learning on the latest technology, design tools and methodology;
  • Interacting with experienced experts, addressing relevant challenges specific to their projects;
  • Dedicating time to enhance knowledge without any distractions;
  • Exchanging ideas with peers and learning from their own experiences.

What is the difference between a Private and a Public Training Session?

  • Private–Available upon request, Hardent can customize an instructor-led training course to meet the specific needs of a company. Private courses can be done on-site or in a nearby training facility and are tailored solely for your team of engineers.
  • Public–Learn in a classroom setting with peers from other companies.

Public and private Xilinx training courses offered with Hardent include:

Hardent is Xilinx’s exclusive Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for the following locations:

  • Canada (with the exception of British Columbia)
  • New England (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont)
  • Southeastern United States (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee)

View the Xilinx training schedule for more information on the company’s FPGA courses and Xilinx training. If you do not find the course you are looking for or would like to inquire about a private training, please contact our Training Coordinator.

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