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“The content of the training was an excellent walkthrough of the specific features we were interested in and the material was delivered very well by Hardent.  Our group left the training feeling impressed by the tool and excited for the next opportunity to apply what they had learned to a big, complicated design in the smallest FPGA possible.”

Michael Jaspar,
Supervisor, FPGA Development,
Vecima Networks, Inc.

“Having worked in past with independent electronics design consultants, we appreciate Hardent’s quality, team work and timely service. The company has excellent project management skills, open communication, constant follow-up and a flexible approach. We have been working with Hardent for about two years now. Though initially I was not excited about outsourcing R&D, I feel that I can 100% count on Hardent, as they know their business well and they directed us toward good technical decisions. ”

Michel Bitar,
R&D/ I.T Manager,
Prodco International Inc.

FPGA Course Training, DSP Courses and Xilinx Training -Hardent
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Hardent and Xilinx Training Courses

Hardent offers training on a wide range of technical subjects including ASIC design/verification, FPGA, DSP, and Embedded Systems/Software. Our courses combine lectured material with practical lab work and are led by instructors who are both subject-matter experts and active engineers. Hardent helps both junior and experienced engineers improve their electronic design skills and stay on-track of the latest technologies.

Hardent is an accredited Authorized Training Provider (ATP) for Xilinx, the world’s leading provider of all-programmable technologies. Courses offered through the ATP program provide engineers with the foundational knowledge necessary to begin designing the right-way, right-away. Whether new or experienced with FPGA and all-programmable technology, engineers will find a course fit for their needs and for a variety of applications including connectivity, digital signal processing (DSP), and embedded systems.

Hardent is an Authorized Training Center (ATC) for ARM, the world’s leading provider of semiconductor IP and embedded processor technologies. Courses from the ATC program provide training on a wide range of ARM technology topics including ARM architectures, software, and tools. These courses will provide engineers with, among other things, the benefit of quickly ramping up on a specific ARM product or subject and the opportunity to verify their technical understanding face-to-face with an ARM expert. ARM courses can be found in the embedded courses list.

What type of training works best for you?

Interactive Face-to-Face Training:

  • Private–Learn from industry experts with your colleagues on–site or in a nearby training facility.
  • Public–Take a class with other students eager to focus on enhancing the same technical areas.

Live Online Training:

If you can't travel or missed a class near you, check out the regularly scheduled live online training courses, available with a live instructor to remotely teach and guide you through the lab assignments. Our IT personnel will assist in setting up your computing environment.

On-Demand Online Courses:

If you are not able to take one of the pre-scheduled training courses, Hardent's pre–recorded on-demand online courses will allow you to take a session in your own time, at your own pace and in the setting of your choice.

With the ability to choose from three different types of training, Hardent offers electronic design engineers the industry's most up–to–date technical course content while supplying them with the flexibility they need in a dynamic marketplace.

View the Hardent’s courses.

If you would like to inquire about a training or signup, feel free to contact our training coordinator.

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