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“The content of the training was an excellent walkthrough of the specific features we were interested in and the material was delivered very well by Hardent.  Our group left the training feeling impressed by the tool and excited for the next opportunity to apply what they had learned to a big, complicated design in the smallest FPGA possible.”

Michael Jaspar,
Supervisor, FPGA Development,
Vecima Networks, Inc.

“Having worked in past with independent electronics design consultants, we appreciate Hardent’s quality, team work and timely service. The company has excellent project management skills, open communication, constant follow-up and a flexible approach. We have been working with Hardent for about two years now. Though initially I was not excited about outsourcing R&D, I feel that I can 100% count on Hardent, as they know their business well and they directed us toward good technical decisions. ”

Michel Bitar,
R&D/ I.T Manager,
Prodco International Inc.

FPGA Course Training, DSP Courses and Xilinx Training -Hardent
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On-Demand Online FPGA and Electronics Courses

Hardent’s on-demand online courses are pre–recorded training sessions made available to students at any time and at any place. Offering a learning experience similar to Hardent's live training sessions, Hardent's on–demand learning enables electronic design engineers to keep up with the latest technology with minimal impact on their schedule.

Why should I use Hardent’s on-demand online courses?

Here are few reasons to use the on-demand online learning:

  • No need to spend money and time on travel
  • Receive the online courses instantly
  • Catch-up on a topic in order to attend a more advanced class
  • 24/7 access to your course
  • Dictate the pace with course repeats (up to 30 days)

What courses are available?

For your next electronics training session, Hardent invites you to try the following on-demand online courses:

  • The Essentials of TCL Scripting – Learn or refresh your knowledge on how to use TCL syntax and language structures to build scripts suitable for use with Xilinx FPGA design tools. The course also provides students with scripting experience within the Vivado™ Design Suite. Download full course description

  • The Essentials of the 7 Series FPGAs – This course focuses on understanding as well as how to properly design for the primary resources found in this popular device family. Topics covered include CLB construction, memory, FIFO resources and DSP Resources. Download full course description.

If you have any questions please contact Hardent.

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