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Hardent’s Electronic Design Services: FPGA Design, ASIC Design, DSP Design & More

Functional Expertise: electronic design services included FPGA design and ASIC design.

Electronic Design Services for Better Performance

Find out about our range of electronic design services including FPGA design and ASIC design.

At Hardent we offer a range of electronic design services including FPGA design and ASIC design. Our aim is to provide solutions to the many challenges our customers face at all stages of the product development cycle, including product performance, business performance and team performance issues.

What We Do

Whether it’s leading a feasibility study, defining timing strategy, improving design and process methodology, or training a team in the very latest electronic design techniques, our experienced engineers, trainers and consultants act as a natural extension to your in-house team, offering you the support and expertise needed to solve your specific electronic design challenges.


Engineering, Electronic Design Consulting and Training Services by Hardent

Electronic Design Consulting and Management Consulting Services

Expert Electronic Design Consulting and Project Management Consulting Services

Hardent’s electronic design consulting services are designed to help customers in the high tech sector with their challenges in electronic product design and development.

Hardent provides a complete range of electronic design consulting services, including electronic product design and development, training, and management consulting to leading electronics equipment and component manufacturers throughout the world. Our objective is to use our expertise in the field of electronic design to support our customers at all stages of the electronic product development cycle and enable them to achieve their business goals.

Our electronic engineering team is specialized in FPGA design/FPGA verification, ASIC design, system and hardware architecture, DSP design, embedded software design, and power/signal integrity analysis. Customers call on us for help with design review, architecture definition or review, timing closure support, feasibility studies, engineering cost analysis and much more.


Supporting Electronic Product Development Across Many Industries

Industries Hardent Works In

Cross-Industry Electronic Design and Consulting Services

Hardent works across a wide variety of industries to assist customers with their electronic product development challenges.

Hardent is a professional services firm specialized in helping customers with their electronic product development challenges. We provide solutions to the challenges our customers face throughout the electronic product development cycle including product performance, business performance, and team performance issues.

Whether it’s designing a sleep apnea monitor for the medical industry, training a design team in the latest video compression technology, or assisting senior management with strategic and operational challenges, our team can help you develop complex electronic products, increase productivity, and accelerate time-to-market.

Our specialists are fully up-to-date with all the latest amendments to industry-specific standards, including those of the telecommunications and video industries, ensuring that your products meet standards and use the most recent technology.