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“Having worked in past with independent electronics design consultants, we appreciate Hardent’s quality, team work and timely service. The company has excellent project management skills, open communication, constant follow-up and a flexible approach. We have been working with Hardent for about two years now. Though initially I was not excited about outsourcing R&D, I feel that I can 100% count on Hardent, as they know their business well and they directed us toward good technical decisions. ”

Michel Bitar,
R&D/ I.T Manager,
Prodco International Inc.

“I’ve worked  with Hardent for many years and have recommended them a few times in the past. Hardent has always been extremely successful with their clients.  They have many flexible ways of working with a client and will negotiate a mutually beneficial solution. In our case, they just log into our servers and we are in constant contact via IM, email, phone, etc., but  they have all their own design tools as well, so they can work either way. Being in the same time zone makes working with them easy. I am sure you will be happy with the outcome of their work.  They’ll hit the ground running much faster than a single contractor would.”

Marshall Johnson,
Sr. Director Global
ASIC/FPGA/IP Development,
ADVA Optical Networking

About Hardent Electronic Design Services Company and Consultancy
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About Hardent Electronic Design Services: A Quality Electronic Design Company That Focuses on Fast Time-to-Market Delivery

Hardent’s electronic design services are a natural extension of your organization. From FPGA design and DSP design, to embedded software development, hardware/software codesign and PCB design, Hardent offers a range of electronic design services.

Hardent is an electronic design services company with a global reach. Hardent serves as a natural extension of your organization to achieve fast time-to-market for innovative electronic end-products. As an external resource for electronic design services, Hardent integrates smoothly into your operations. The company offers on-going support, forming long-term relationships with its client base.  

Hardent’s Philosophy on Electronic Design Services

As a seasoned electronic design company, Hardent brings valuable added expertise to your design engineering department. Outsourcing electronic design services to an experienced electronic design company or experienced software/hardware designers can speed up the development process. Hardent brings the necessary skills and specializations to bring quality items to market quickly and efficiently. Our software/hardware design team is guided by our customer-centered values.

Mission and Clientele of the Hardent Electronic Design Company

Hardent aims to help customers concentrate on their core business by providing them with quality electronic design services for fast time-to-market. The company fosters long-term relationships with clients, as returning clients are central to Hardent’s business model.


In-house electronic design teams may find themselves overbooked with projects, which can have a negative impact on the time-to-market. An experienced electronic design company like Hardent can be indispensable for working with in-house operations to keep projects on schedule and get products to market faster. For companies without in-house design engineering departments, Hardent can execute projects from start to finish using proven project management and execution techniques, avoiding the steep learning curve that would otherwise be incurred. Working with Hardent allows clients to benefit from high-level expertise and import many of the company’s best practices into their engineering departments.

Hardent Electronic Design Services

Hardent has an experienced and qualified electronic design services management team. Hardent primarily serves manufacturers of integrated circuits and electronics systems from a variety of sectors, including optical and wireless communication, industrial control systems, avionics and any other industries requiring electronic design services . Above and beyond an electronic design consultancy, Hardent also offers official XILINX training in FPGA design and verification. Hardent was selected to be the exclusive training provider in Canada and the Southeastern United States.

Hardent offers the following electronic design and hardware / software codesign services: 

Testimonials and Case Studies

Read Hardent clients' electronic design service testimonials and case studies.

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